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Public Service Announcement

Our mission since we started JamaFo/Jamin Vegan in 2018 has always been to make Jamaican food easily accessible and top-of-mind.


In 2021, we were 99% ready to roll out our packaged foods operation; however, we had to delay until there was some normalcy in the marketplace after Covid-19.


After putting in all the hard work, we are now ready to scale our original vision and rollout a global product.


Soon you will be seeing our packaged foods available in your neighborhood grocery stores and online retailers.


So, to maximize efficiency and focus on mass production,

our current restaurant operations (Canoga Park, Encino, Northridge) have been terminated as of Jan. 7, 2023.


The restaurants were a proof of concept to show that Jamaican food can thrive in new markets, and we have done that exceptionally well.


However, recently it has become increasingly difficult for independent restaurants to navigate the high-inflationary and sluggish economic climate. Our mission is to future-proof JamaFo’s evolution.


Now, we will focus on the manufacturing, distribution, logistics and scaling of our packaged foods operation.


We believe that Jamaican food is larger than just being in a restaurant and we are excited for this next chapter.


For all our regular, die-hard fans, thanks for your amazing support over the past 5 years, but don’t worry!


What we have coming will be even Bigger and Better!


We are just gone for a little bit.

One Love!

All our social channels will remain active during the transition.

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Thanks for signing up!

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